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After seeing the performance, many audience members come to our website and sign the guestbook. This is a live feed of their reviews:
  • It was an experience that I shall never forget and we found it enlightening to learn so much about Chinese tradition and history. The pageantry of the performances was awe-inspiring and beautiful, awash in beautiful saturated color which was very uplifting to see here in New York, especially during the dark and grey climate outdoors that day.
    D. Stonebraker SÅG SHEN YUN I New York
  • My wife and I have gone to see Shen Yun every year, for the last 5 years as part of our wedding anniversary in Columbus OH. We love the story telling, the interaction between the hosts and the incredible acrobatics performed by the dancers. The colors of the costumes and the digital backdrops are incredibly beautiful. It has been a joy attending the show but also a disappointment in that Shen Yun does not appear to be coming to our city this year. We wish the show extreme success and pray that it will return to Columbus next year!
    Ken & Carol Graber SÅG SHEN YUN I Columbus
  • Can't wait to see this!
    David carlson
  • After having seen such groups as N.Y.C. Ballet, and other top-notch quality artists, I can truly say that Shen Yun is as great as any I have ever seen. The three parts of the show including the orchestra and the giant screen are together a force against which there will be no hiding the power of the statement on religious and artistic freedom so clearly acted out here. I was lucky enough to have sat next to the horn section of this great group of musicians and being a former orchestra member myself, can truly say this is a first class act. The costumes are works of art and the skill of the dancers and acrobats will put a smile on the face of even the harshest critic. A family entertainment special event that will be remembered until next years' show.
    Christopher Lo Pinto SÅG SHEN YUN I San Francisco
  • I have not and I am so excited to see this performance soon. You guys are in Knoxville, TN tonight and tomorrow.......only two hours from me. Everyone has said it surpasses all shows. I can't wait to see it.
    Vivian SÅG SHEN YUN I Knoxville
  • I am going today and very excited to see the Beauty on Stage that awaits. I have been given this as a 57th Birthday Gift from my little sister who will be attending with me. I can hardly wait.
    Caroline Case
  • This is my second time seeing this extravagant show. Simply beautiful, and breath taking. Iam looking forward to next year!
    Michelle Parker SÅG SHEN YUN I Fort Lauderdale
  • One word: WOW! To say that a 5,000 year culture was nearly lost but thanks to Shen Yun we are able to see it through music and dance. Everything was breathtaking. From the music to the beautiful colorful costumes to the back drop. I highly recommend seeing Shen Yun at least once in your life time. What an experience.
    Debra Garcia SÅG SHEN YUN I Dallas
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